• Paradip College
Library is a repository of knowledge, wisdom and information. A young and unruly mind is tamed into obedience in its bracing and stimulation ambience. In the company of books and journals the young minds find a rate opportunity to shape their character & destiny. Our college library in named as N.A.C. library because of the initial assistance being provided by the then Paradip N.A.C.
Our library has started functioning from August 1975 And over the years its collection has developed into 20207 No. of Books on various subjects with criticism & reference. A separate journal section has been added to it. A reading room to facilitate the students to have access to study rare books at their leisure during the college hours has also been annexed to it. Research facilities are also available for scholars in the library.
1. No books, journals, periodicals, news papers, syllabus and other reading materials shall be taken out of the library without the knowledge of the librarian.
2. Books, journals, periodicals etc. will be issued to the borrower only on production of library card.
3. In cases of +2 students, library books will be issued twice a month on the notified dates, in case of +3 students, library books will be issued twice in a month.
4. If any date of issue falls on Sundays and holidays the day following such Sundays and holidays shall be treated as date of issue.
5. Books issued to the borrower must be examined by him her before their entry in to the issue register. Mutilation and disfigures or pages of library books found after issue will cause fixing of responsibility upon the borrower.
6. Books should be refunded within the stipulated period given to the borrower.
7. Neither any note not shall any picture be drawn in the library books. Removal of pages of the library book in any manner shall cause replacement.
8. Incase of loss of library books or otherwise, if replacement is not possible. Three ties the cost of the books shall be realized from the borrower. Books be replaced as far as practicable.
9. Over-dur charge shall be realized from the borrower in case of unauthorized holding of library books over and above the stipulated period.
10. Non clearance of over due charges and over due books will cause ceasaction of issue of further books to the borrower until e or she clears the over-due charges and return the over-due books.
11. Re-issue of library books to a particular borrower can be made if the said book is not required by others.
12. Duplicate library card will be issued to a particular borrower if he/she brings the authenticity of loss to the notice of the librarian and deposit requisite fee in the college counter.
13. The library premises should not be used for ay other purposed except reading or consulting the books and periodicals.
14. Silence inside the library and reading room is must.. Violation of it will cease membership of the borrower.
15. Spitting, smoking, sleeping inside the library and putting one’ legs on the furniture are strictly prohibited.
16. The following list shows the maximum number of books that may be issued to various types of readers.
   » Teaching staff(prof. reader,Lect.) 20 books
       (Both text & ref. on concerned subjects)
   » Demonstrators & librarian 10 books(text & ref. on concerned subjects)
   » Ministerial staff-5 books(general books).
   » Menial staff-2 books.
   » +2 students- 1 books(for once)
   » +3 pass students- 3 books(for once)
   » +3 Hon’s students- 5 books(for once)(3 books from library & 2 books from Department Seminal Library)
   » Menial staff – 3 books.
17. Dictionaries, maps, calendar, syllabus. Questions(both CHSE & University), Rare books, Reference books, Multi Volume Books shall not be issued out of the library students are required to consult those books inside the library only.
18. Members of the teaching and non-teaching staff may take books from the library on signing the loan register.
19. The time allowed retaining the library books must be strictly adhered to by the students and staff.
20. A fine of Rs.025 praise per day book shall be collected from the borrower with holding the library books unauthorized after the stipulated period up to a maximum of one month’s time. Suitable actions will be taken after expiry of one months time. Application for reduction or cancellation of fine will not be entertained.
21. Submission of library card and list of books in order of preference is a must on the part of borrower at the time of borrow. The issue in-charge may demand identity card at the time of issue, in necessary.
22. Over night issue of library books and other reading materials can be made available to the students and members of the staff after obtaining prior permission from the principal.
23. NAC library follows close access for the students and open access for the members of the staff with out their personal belongings.
24. Library clearance is a must in cases of transfer of a borrower from one college to another and appearing at the CHSE & University examinations respectively.
25. The rules noted above are subject to change at the discretion of the principal and can not be challenged any court of law.