• Paradip College
The aims and objectives of the college union are to forester in the students the democratic sprit and to give the young men and women an opportunity for training in democratic methods to encourage corporate life, unity, understanding, fellow feeling and team work and to inculcate in the youth the fundamental values based on humanity, national service etc.
  • To organize discussion on the general cultural, academic, national and international problems.
  • To organize Debate, Essay and Quiz competitions.
  • To organize such other activities as proposed by the Union and approved by the principal.
Advisors of Students’ Union-2017-18
  • Sri B.R. Tripathy, Lecturer in Pol.Sc
  • Dr. Smt. S. Satapathy, Lecturer in Physics
  • Sri A.C. Mishra, Lect. in History
  • Sri R.K. Tripathy, Lect. in Commerce
Sl. No. Name of the Office Name of the Students Class Roll No.
1. The President Students’ Union TARUN BERA +3 3rd Yr Arts BA15-024
2. The Vice-President Students’ Union SANDIP PALAI +3 2nd Yr Comm. BC16-034
3. The General Secretary AMIT MANDAL +3 3rd Yr Sc. BS15-036
4 The Asst. Secretary DEBASIS DAS +3 1st Yr Arts BA17-240
5. The Secretary Athletic Association AJAY KUMAR SWAIN +3 1st Yr Arts BA17-244
6. The Secretary Dramatic Society PUJARANI SENAPATI +3 1st Yr Arts BA17-155
7. The Asst Secretary Dramatic Society PUJARANI SENAPATI +3 1st Yr Arts BA17-155
8. The Asst. Secretary, Dramatic Society LIZARANI MAHARANA +3 2nd Yr Comm. BC16-072
9. The Secretary, Girls’ Common Room PREETISMITA MOHAPATRA +3 1st Yr Arts BA17-185