• Paradip College

The crest of the college is designed by Sri Bidhan Chandra Mishra, the then architect, Paradip Port. The open book symbolises unflinching devotion to learning and spread of education. The ship on high waters & symbolizes the glory of the maritime activities from the bygone days of Kalinga to the present day of the trade & commerce through Paradip Port, in the heart of which the college is situated. The light house stands for the beacon light that guides the voyager and guards against accident; the lamp stands for the light of learning and wisdom that dispels ignorance and offers eternal quest for knowledge and truth. Microscope stands for the study of science in minute details. At the bottom is inscribed a line from the Veda, Tamashoma Jyotirgamaya (O.God! Lead me from darkness to light) which is the motto of all the members of the staff and the students of the institution.